Located in downtown Kalamazoo since 1927, the State Theatre is a historic and captivating venue that offers a unique experience. Founded by Colonel William Butterfield and designed by renowned architect John Eberson, this theater combines architectural grandeur with a rich cultural heritage. From its early roots in the Vaudevillian tradition to its diverse lineup of performances, including opera, dramas, big bands, ballet, dance reviews, stage shows, and movies, the State Theatre has been a beloved fixture in the community.

In 1964, the theater underwent renovations to ensure its continued operation. While some of the original ornate features were modified, the renovations enabled the theater to adapt to changing times. However, in 1982, the State Theatre faced closure. This pivotal moment mobilized the community, leading to the formation of the "Save the State" committee. Together, local arts groups and city officials joined forces to preserve the theater's legacy and historic building. In 1985, the Hinman Company purchased the building and initiated further renovations, solidifying the theater's place in Kalamazoo's history.

Today, the Kalamazoo State Theatre stands as a testament to its vibrant past and enduring significance. Immerse yourself in the magic of this iconic venue by attending one of our captivating events, such as films, concerts, and more. With a commitment to preserving its cultural heritage, the theater invites you to explore its history and experience unforgettable performances.

Plan your visit today and create lasting memories at the Kalamazoo State Theatre, where the past comes alive and the future shines bright.

Distinguished Member of the League of Historic American Theatres

The Kalamazoo State Theatre is part of the League of Historic American Theatres (LHAT), an organization that champions the restoration, preservation and ongoing operations of North America's treasured venues.

The League defines a membership eligible historic theatre as one that is at least 50 years old and includes at least one of the following attributes: is an architecturally significant structure deemed worthy of preservation, has played an important role in the history of American stage and screen, and/or can be used as a performing arts facility.

League of Historic American Theatres

Historic Photos of the Kalamazoo State Theatre

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