A Timeless Jewel in Kalamazoo


Step into the Kalamazoo State Theatre, where history meets modernity in a symphony of cultural experiences. Since 1927, our venue has been the heartbeat of entertainment in Kalamazoo, offering a window into the past and a doorway to contemporary arts.

A Storied Past

Journey through time in our History section, where the walls echo with tales from vaudeville to modern-day extravaganzas. Designed by the celebrated architect John Eberson, our theatre stands as a testament to artistic brilliance and historical resilience.

The Present Stage

Today, the Kalamazoo State Theatre vibrates with life, hosting an eclectic array of events. From mesmerizing concerts to captivating theatre productions, our stage is a canvas for creativity. Discover what's on in our bustling events page.

Blending Tradition with Timeless Charm


Honoring our storied past, the Kalamazoo State Theatre stands as a beacon of enduring heritage. While carefully maintaining our historic charm, we offer comfortable amenities that enhance your experience. Each visit is a step into history, surrounded by the timeless allure of a bygone era. Embrace the nostalgia and enjoy the warm, inviting atmosphere of our beloved theatre.

A Cultural Hub for Kalamazoo and Beyond

As a central figure in Kalamazoo's cultural scene, we're more than a theatre. We're a community gathering space, a launchpad for artists, and a cherished destination for visitors. Learn about our rental opportunities on our Rentals page.

Your Experience Awaits

Whether you're a long-time patron or a first-time visitor, the Kalamazoo State Theatre invites you to be part of our ongoing story. Join us for an event, take a tour, or simply bask in the ambiance of a historical gem. Your unforgettable experience at the Kalamazoo State Theatre awaits.

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